Welcome to Schrey & Veit GmbH

"We fight against noise, to protect health and to keep a worth living environment"
The Schrey & Veit GmbH is working on special fields of vibration technology. Our team has experience in shock and vibration isolation, vibration absorbing, acoustic and production engineering in the aerea of aviation and aerospace, industry, car industry, defence and railway systems.

We are able to realize vibration measurements, modal analysis as well as acoustic measurements with modern mobile and stationary test instrumentation and the assistance of our qualified staff.
Our own prototype Factory and our well equipped laboratory guarantee a very fast and low cost development of our products. - High Performance - Low Costs -. We set a high value on adapting our products to "real life conditions".
For applications where standard products are sufficient we are working together with manufacturers – resulting in essential requirements on quality and price.
"Some day, noise will be fighted like plague and cholera"
Robert Koch (1843-1910)

On our website you will find interesting and helpful informations about noise reduction and our enterprise. If you miss any details please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will consider your input for our next update.